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    About GLR America

    Great Lakes Recycling didn’t happen overnight. Its roots date back to 1927 when Henry Rosen, like many newcomers to America, had a family to feed and knew it wasn’t going to happen by itself. Salvaging old newspaper and rags in Detroit was better than standing in a soup line. By working hard, providing dependable service to his customers and treating people right, he was able to eke out a living. In 1941 his son, Ben joined the business and at 93 he still comes in today.

    Recycling Today

    Roseville, Michigan-based GLR Advanced Recycling has launched GLR America, a nonferrous metals brokerage division.

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    GLR Advanced Recycling has launched a non-ferrous metals brokerage division called GLR America that will service suppliers in the United States and Canada as well as consumers internationally.

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